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Secured vs. Unsecured Loans: What You Should Know

What is Credit Insurance? What about Unsecured Loans? Currently on online banking when we try to make a bank loan we often face some additional fees and costs like credit insurance. But is it optional or mandatory? Many have asked us if when hiring personal loans, is it really required to pay such insurance. In fact, in personal loans and payroll loans these fees are not mandatory.

What is a secured loan

One of the necessary steps for applying for a personal loan is no doubt borrow money from the bank or some sort of financial institution. The process is the same for all and without distinction of age (some cases) or social class. That is, the fact of being retired, pensioners, public worker, private worker, salaried, student and so on. Anyone can make the request.

In the loan for pensioners and retirees where the discount is made on the benefit, the insurance is already embedded in the value of the benefits in many of the operations. In real estate loan the insurance is mandatory to avoid insolvency. In vehicle financing there is also no compulsory insurance. As for the application for personal loans over the internet or direct with your manager will always come plus the value of the insurance lender or better known as “loan insurance”, perhaps what you do not know is that who decides on this option it is you and not the banking system. Check here!

Is credit insurance mandatory for all?

“Credit insurance or loan insurance” may be somewhat different in features, but the primary purpose of it is to protect the capital loaned to the client. This operation is intended to ensure that in the event of non-payment of the loan for any reason, the debt is covered by insurance, ie the amounts lent will be returned to the financial institution.

There are numerous credit insurance solutions and proposals for different coverage, each bank or financiers who offer the personal loans online define which insurance to offer their clients. In general, the coverage covers the case of temporary or permanent death or disability of the client, there are also those that cover accidents, loss of work and so on.

Are unsecured loans safe?

The credit insurance made on personal loans also differ in how to cover the capital, some cover part or all of the cost of the installments or all the financing if necessary. We therefore conclude that “personal loan insurance” is completely optional, you are not obligated by law, it may even be by the lender’s credit policy in the accepted product (insurance), but it is worth mentioning that perhaps it is better to do once that you usually have coverage and the cost is relatively low for the risks involved such as loss of employment or temporary disability. After all, we never know what may happen when we sign a contract for personal loans and having some extra insurance for you to fall back on can be quite handy. Check out this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unsecured_debt

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